1. What do you mean by “greater Puget Sound area”?

Greater Puget Sound refers to west of the Cascade Mountains, north as far as Whidbey Island and South to Olympia.

2. Are there any BTS mentors outside of the Puget Sound area?

No, however, prior to leaving the area active duty military or veterans may apply and be assigned to a Puget Sound mentor. Veterans relocating to Puget Sound may apply upon their arrival.

3. What will a mentor do for me? Why do I need a mentor?

A BTS trained mentor will meet one-on-one with you and will challenge and inspire you to do your best on your job search, provide insight into how to navigate the civilian job search world and encourage you to explore work opportunities in areas you hadn’t considered. A BTS mentor may provide practical information regarding their career profession, entry requirements, opportunities for advancement and employment outlook.

4. As a veteran, how do I know a mentor will be a good match for me?

Veterans and mentors are matched based on location, career interest or specialty, and other information provided in applications. Of course, we recognize that people don’t automatically “click” and if that is the case for either person, let us know and we will arrange a reassignment.

5. I don’t have time to be a mentor, can I be supportive in some other way?

Of course! You can invite Boots to Shoes to present program information to your company or professional association. Or you can become a staff volunteer, assisting in the office or at our outreach events. Individual donations are always welcome.

6. How could my company get involved?

Boots to Shoes would be happy to come to your company and present information on the program. We are excited about organizations making this volunteer opportunity available to their employees.

You may request BTS be added to your Company’s donation match program.

Your company may sponsor BTS activities and Veteran Education.

7. What kind of commitment would a mentor have to make?

The commitment includes attending a no-cost, 3 hour BTS Mentor Saavy Workshop and a combination of one-on-one and phone meetings two times per month for 6 months.  By mutual agreement, Veterans and Mentors may continue to meet after the six month commitment, if the interaction proves beneficial.

8. How much do your services cost?

Our services are provided at no cost.

9. When I complete an application, how will my information be used?

Your information will only be used to connect you with a mentor or Veteran and to communicate Boots to Shoes program updates.

10. How can I find out where the next event will be held?

See the Events page on this website.