• Mission

    The Boots to Shoes mission is to augment veterans support services for 21st century Veterans’ successful transition into civilian jobs. It serves as an example for going forward by giving back.
  • Get a Mentor

    Through a combination of one-on-one meetings and phone conversations, a mentor provides business knowledge as a veteran plans and conducts a job search.
  • Be a Mentor

    Boots to Shoes seeks interested volunteers from the business and professional community to be mentors for transitioning active duty and military veterans[...]
  • What they are saying

    " . . . I just want to say thanks [to my mentor] for looking over my Linked In profile and my resume. It did give me a lot of confidence having someone with the professional eye take a look at it. I did realize that the business world is very competitive and that you have to have patience, and as always having people supporting you to find a career is priceless. Thank you [my mentor] and the Boots to Shoes program for the job search encouragement to find successful employment." - Ron, Army Veteran
    "I want to thank you for being a part of my transition into the civilian world and for your work with Boots to Shoes--it worked!!!  I ended up taking a job in Portland as the Parks and Recreation Sr Asset Management Analyst.  Both Chris and Pete did great work as mentors for me as the job search process unfolded.  I'm so excited to join  the City of Portland and am extremely grateful for the assistance Boots to Shoes provided.  If there is anything I can do to show my gratitude, please let me know." Thank you so very much, Greg, Marine Corp Veteran
    "I can't thank your program enough, I am grateful.  Also, I just love my new position ..." David, Army Veteran
    “Your organization definitely made a huge impact on my ability to find a job and ease the transition process over the past couple of months. My mentor did a great job helping me figure out what skills I was strong and weak in, tweaking my resume, and also provided me with a personality test that ended up confirming my gut feeling of where I want to see myself in the years to come. Thank you again for all your help and I'll keep you posted as I progress into this new world of "civilian life". - Scott, Army Veteran
    "I have a job now because of BTS advice. It made the difference." -Dave, Marine Corps Veteran

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