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Be a Mentor

Boots to Shoes seeks interested volunteers from the business and professional community to be mentors for transitioning active duty and military veterans. All mentors participate in the BTS Mentor Savvy Workshop and make a six month commitment to meet with the assigned mentee at least twice a month.

Complete your Mentor Application and email to or send to
218 Main St #690
Kirkland, WA 98033.

A trained BTS mentor provides:

  • Insight into the language of civilian professions
  • Resume review and feedback
  • Interview practice
  • Objective discussions of career goals
  • Encouragement in developing a job search plan
  • A sounding board and checkpoint for progress
  • Appreciation for a veterans service

The BTS tagline of “Helping 21st Century Veterans Capture 21st Century Jobs”, says it all. By engaging volunteers from the business community to be mentors for transitioning veterans, BTS helps to minimize the obstacles to civilian employment experienced by previous generations of veterans. BTS innovation is its unique vision of mentorship. BTS operates on “true mentoring” being more than answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue and challenge. Veterans need more than a place to ask questions, more than an online resource – they need a person who: understands their questions and challenges, sees them regularly and provides relevant guidance from a business perspective.

If you are ready to get started as a mentor, click here. If you have questions, contact us.

Volunteers who participate as mentors are motivated by a number of factors;  foremost is showing appreciation to this latest generation of veterans, and for some, it is their personal  experience with the challenges of a military to civilian transition,  and most recently, having had a BTS mentor themselves. There is a personal satisfaction in helping another person succeed and many mentors have continued to volunteer for a second and third time. Mentors and veterans frequently form a bond that extends beyond the 6 month commitment a mentor makes to BTS.

Not sure you can make the 6-month commitment, but want to help?  See Other Ways to Help.

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